The Third International Youth Forum on Soil and Water Conservation

The 3rd International Youth Conference of the World Association for Soil and Water Conservation (3rd IYFSWC) was held at the Faculty of Natural Resources and Marine Sciences of Tarbiat Modares University October 16-21, 2021)

main theme This conference was about soil and water protection under environmental changes. The purpose of the forum Global soil and water protection
(WASWAC) was to improve the rational use of management practices that improve the quality of land and water resources while continuing to meet the needs of agriculture, society and nature.

Conference Main Theme:

  • Soil and Water Conservation (SWC) under Changing Environments


  • Smart SWC
  • Adaptive SWC
  • Youth Roles in SWC
  • Climate Change and SWC
  • SWC in Developing Countries
  • Performance Evaluation of SWC Projects
  • Impacts and Possible Solutions of COVID-19 Pandemic on SWC Practices